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Nurturing Spiritual Growth at Waters Academy

At Waters Academy, the spiritual development of our students is as essential as their academic and physical growth. We are deeply committed to nurturing a generation of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, underpinned by a curriculum that not only educates but also instills deep, enduring faith.

A Biblical Worldview

Our educational approach is intentionally rooted in biblical truth. Every subject, from science to literature, is taught through a lens that presents a biblical worldview. This integration ensures that students not only gain knowledge but also understand how it relates to their faith and the larger world. By connecting academic content with biblical principles, we foster a learning environment that encourages students to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives.

Living Our Mission

At Waters Academy, we strive to dedicate every effort to God's glory and to the service of our fellow man. We believe that educating the mind without nurturing the heart is incomplete. Therefore, our mission goes beyond the classroom to influence every part of our students' lives, encouraging them to become thoughtful, compassionate, and spiritually aware individuals.

Weekly Chapel Services

Central to our spiritual life is our weekly Chapel service, a time when the entire school community comes together to worship and receive teachings from the Bible. These services are led by either a trained youth pastor or a senior pastor from Waters Church, ensuring that our students and their families receive guidance from experienced and spiritually devoted leaders. Chapel is a cornerstone of life at Waters Academy, providing a regular opportunity for students to engage in worship, reflect on spiritual matters, and grow in their faith.

Through our dedicated spiritual programs and the integration of faith into our daily routines, we prepare students not just for academic success, but for a life of service and leadership as devoted followers of Christ.