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Experience Waters Academy - Request a Tour

Welcome to Waters Academy, where faith meets the future in a nurturing environment designed to develop young minds and spirits. By requesting a tour of our campus, located at the vibrant Waters Church in North Attleborough, you’ll witness firsthand how our central facilities, typically bustling with church activities on Sundays, transform into a sanctuary of learning during the school week.

Request a Tour

Starting in the 2024-2025 school year, Waters Academy is proud to offer an educational setting unlike any other. Our classrooms occupy the state-of-the-art Waters Kids facility. Here, the Holy Spirit fills every corner to help our staff and faculty foster both academic excellence and spiritual growth.

What to Expect During a Tour

During your tour, you will see how these spaces, beloved by our church community during weekend services, seamlessly transition to support a curriculum that integrates spiritual principles with rigorous academics. Our learning spaces are equipped with modern educational tools that encourage interactive and engaging learning experiences.

This visit will also provide an opportunity to meet some of our dedicated staff who are committed to creating a supportive and enriching atmosphere for every student. They will share insights into how our programs are tailored to cultivate not only intellectual but also spiritual and emotional growth in students.

Join us at Waters Academy for a tour and see how we are molding future leaders through a curriculum imbued with Christian values. Discover the place where your child can grow, learn, and thrive within a community that values education and faith equally. 

Request a Tour