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Experience Student Life at Waters Academy

SCHOOL HOURS: 8:00am to 2:45pm

At Waters Academy, we believe that student's daily experiences are crucial to shaping their future. Here, we provide a nurturing environment where every aspect of our curriculum and extracurricular activities is infused with Christian values, helping students to grow spiritually, academically, and socially. 

Chapel Services

Each week, students gather for Chapel — a time dedicated to worship and biblical teaching that reinforces our core values of faith and community. These sessions are a cornerstone of our school life, offering students the opportunity to deepen their spiritual understanding and relationship with God. Parents are not only welcome but encouraged to join us during these times of fellowship and spiritual growth, reinforcing the bridge between home and school life. 

Art & Music

Creativity plays a vital role at Waters Academy. Through art and music education, students explore their creative potential, learning to express themselves in ways that require imagination and discipline. These programs are designed to enrich the student's educational experience, providing a platform to develop new skills and appreciate diverse forms of expression. 

Physical Education

Recognizing the importance of physical health and wellness, our physical education program is designed to teach students the values of health, enjoyment, challenge, and sportsmanship. Through a variety of sports and activities, students learn about teamwork, personal limits, and the importance of staying active, which are essential for their overall development.